Self Transcendence 24/12/6 H of Cesano Boscone 7° Sri Chinmoy Trophy

Parco "Pertini" - Cesano Boscone

"If you can dare to face the impossible, that means you have already achieved half of your victory" -Sri Chinmoy

About the event


On the 17th october 2020 there will be the fourth edition of the "Self-Transcendence 24/12/6 ore di Cesano Boscone - Trofeo Sri Chinmoy" an INTERNATIONAL race sponsored by the Federation of LIBERTAS and IUTA (Italian Federation of Ultra). The race will be Grand Prix IUTA 2020 of 24, 12 and 6 hours.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is more than eager to build the best environment and the best conditions for the runners to achieve their best. The medical staff beside the organization team will costantly look after all the athlets. There will be many services, with great attention to the food service. There will be a covered space for the runner's short breaks, where they will be allowed to put their personal things. There will be another space with camp beds. The final ranking will be determined by the distance covered by the runners during the race. There will be prizes for the first three mens/womens of every race, and for the first man/woman of every category.